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Camino de Santiago of the Canary Islands Tour

Spain's Canary Islands are famous for their beaches, palm trees, and volcanoes, but perhaps lesser known, is the officially recognized Camino de Santiago! On this new Fresco Tours adventure, we lace up our boots and leaving the southern sand dunes, we head north through stunning volcanic landscapes, pine forests and small oases as we cross the island of Gran Canary following our good friends, the yellow arrow and Fresco Tours!

  • Guided
  • 7 days / 6 nights
  • 65 km
  • Canary Islands
    Camino de Santiago Walking Tours-Guided

    Experience and Expertise

    Your two bilingual guides that accompany the tour are either Spanish or live in Spain / Canary Islands. This is our home and we love to share it with you!


    On the Camino de Gran Canaria, Fresco Tours will be using exclusively 4-star hotels that offer the best in hospitality, comfort, and location.

    Van Supported

    No need to carry a heavy pack - let us do the lifting while you do the walking. Routine checkpoints and shorter options will be available each day.

    Fabulous Food

    All your meals (B,L,D) are included, so you only need to worry about enjoying the trail! Weather permitting; our gourmet picnics showcase the freshest of local flavors.

    Semi-Independent Tour

    You choose! Walk alone with the assurance that we'll take care of you or enjoy the company of others and your knowledgeable guides.

    What To Expect

    Fresh air to revive your soul and a wonderful time! We've redesigned the Camino de Canarias from the standard 3 stages to 5 easier ones to allow you to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Gran Canaria landscape and giving you an opportunity to experience the unique history and magic of the island. Our shorter hikes will allow us time in the afternoon for excursions to learn about and savor the culture firsthand – all with our friendly yellow arrow accompanying us along the Way!



    Accommodation: Maspalomas (D) Walking: 4.2 km or 2.5 mi

    In the afternoon we meet at the seaside town of Maspalomas, where your guide takes you through all your materials for your island adventure. Afterward, we head down to the lighthouse that keeps the ships away while we build up an appetite for our welcome dinner. Our Camino begins from Maspalomas, where we turn our backs to the sea and slowly make our way north into the gorge of Barranco de Fataga.


    Maspalomas to Arteara

    Accommodation: Maspalomas (B, L, D) Walking: 15.5 km or 9.3 mi / Elevation Gain: 480 m / Loss: 130 m

    After a delicious buffet breakfast, we hit the trail and work our way slowly up the valley. The landscape changes dramatically from dunes to volcanic slopes dotted with pine trees and palm groves. We end our day in Arteara, home to the largest aboriginal cemetery of the Canary Islands with hundreds of monuments to the original inhabitants. After lunch we head back to Maspalomas to relax and enjoy some quiet time by the pool or perhaps an afternoon stroll along the beach!


    Arteara to Tunte

    Accommodation: Parador Cruz de Tejeda (B, L, D) Walking: 10,4 km or 6.3 mi. / Elevation Gain: 660 m / Loss: 110 m

    After packing up, we shuttle back to Arteara and continue to climb northward along the same trail used for hundreds of years to move around the island. As we make our way through the gorge, we come upon the charming village of Fataga, with its whitewashed houses and narrow streets. We continue to work our way up and after tucking into a signature Fresco Tours gourmet picnic lunch, we come to the town of Tunte and the Church of San Bartolomé where we find the 15th century statute of Saint James brought by those faithful Galician sailors centuries ago!


    Tunte to Cruz de Tejeda

    Accommodation: Parador Cruz de Tejeda (B, L, D) Walking: 15.5 km or 9.3 mi / Elevation Gain: 1,190 m / Loss: 570 m

    Today, we leave Tunte and follow the trail up into the heart of the island. Although this stage is challenging, the spectacular views are worth every step of the climb. One of today’s highlights is Roque Nublo, a towering rock formation and the island’s central landmark. After a picnic lunch, we continue to Cruz de Tejeda and back to our hotel. Tonight, we make a trip to the village of Tejeda for dinner!


    Cruz de Tejeda to Gáldar

    Accommodation: Gáldar (B, L, D) Walking: 13.0 km or 7.8 mi / Elevation Gain: 310 m / Loss: 1,070 m

    Starting from the stone cross, or cruceiro, in the front of the Parador, we get the blood moving with a short but steep climb out of town, where we have an impressive view of the volcanic crater below. We then start to work our way down through coarse volcanic gravel paths and shady pine forests. After lunch, we continue with views of the blue sea below! In Saucillo, we regroup and are whisked to Gáldar where we have an afternoon visit of the Cuevas Pintadas, featuring the ruins of a pre-Hispanic settlement and their famous Painted Cave. After dinner, we head to bed early to be ready to finish our Camino de Santiago.


    Saucillo to Gáldar

    Accommodation: Gáldar (B, L, D) Walking: 7.8 km or 4.7 mi / Elevation Gain: 220 m & Loss: 860 m

    Returning to Saucillo, we still have a descent into the green valley where we can spot small cave houses. Passing through Hoya de Pineda, you may even see some pottery ovens where the locals would make bowls and jugs. The last portion into Gáldar follows the walls of the ravine and the open vertical chasm. We head straight to the Church of Santiago de los Caballeros for our last stamp in our Pilgrim’s Passport and admire Saint James literally standing on a wave of the Canary Islands - Congratulations pilgrim!


    Gáldar to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    After breakfast, we make our last cultural excursion to visit the Cenobio de Valerón. This fascinating archaeological site has nothing to do with a Monastery (Cenobio) as the name suggests. So, what were these impressive honeycomb-like cavities carved into the stone some 800 years ago used for? We’ll show you before transferring you to the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. (B)

    Notes Regarding the Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria
    Although this is probably the most physically challenging of all the Fresco Tours walks, please keep in mind that routine checkpoints and shorter walking options will be available each day. Additionally, as we will be staying at the same hotel 2 nights in a row on 3 different occasions, there will be opportunities to have a day off from the boots and enjoy the pool of the hotel!

    * Please note: This itinerary is subject to slight modifications due to hotel availability, weather, festivals and other occurrences.

    2 Guides

    Our greatest resource! We know Spain, because it is our home. Both of your guides are experienced professionals that are either Spanish or live in Spain year-round – no hired out summer help!


    On this Fresco Tours adventure, we will enjoy 4-star hotels throughout the tour that offer the best in hospitality, comfort, and location. For 2 nights, we will be staying at the acclaimed Parador de Cruz de Tejeda! Tour prices are based on double occupancy.


    Food speaks volumes about a culture, and we love to eat! During our walk days, when possible, we prepare gourmet picnics using the freshest of local ingredients and selecting the tastiest recipes of the region. All breakfast, lunches and dinners (with house wines) are included. We are proud to cater to vegetarians and those with food allergies – milk, egg, wheat, etc… as well!

    2 Support Vehicles

    All ground transportation between the designated starting and finishing point of your Fresco Tour is provided. A private minibus and driver will also be available along the Camino to provide support and options for shorter walks daily, in addition to our support van that will prepare the picnics!

    Limited Group Sizes

    Fresco Tours are in small groups to ensure that you receive the individual attention that you deserve. In order to treat each of our clients with a personal touch, we limit our group size to a maximum of 15 participants. Minimum group size is 6 pax.

    Luggage Transfer

    Your luggage will be transported between hotels. You do the walking; we’ll do the lifting!

    Pre-Tour Assistance:

    We will help with your travel arrangements prior to and after the tour start and finish of your Fresco Tour, including help with hotel reservations and bus tickets.

    Special Event Tickets

    Wine tastings, garden tours, concerts, etc. as outlined in the itinerary.

    On the Road

    What is the weather like on the Camino de Gran Canaria?

    Due to the diverse geographic areas and variety of climates found on Gran Canaria, it is often referred to as a mini continent. As we will be starting at sea level on sandy dunes and working our way up to the top of a volcanic crater, we will see and experience these changes. The temperate climate means that the winters are perfect for hiking - keeping in mind that at the higher elevations it will be cooler, especially in the evenings. For a peek at average temps by month, please see:


    What is a typical day like on the Camino of Gran Canarias?

    After breakfast, we lace up and get the blood going with a walk for a couple of hours, where we will do a check point to make sure that everything is going OK, if you need to change your shoes, some more sunscreen or a ride to the next check point. You then continue along the Camino for another 1-2 hours where you will come across a complete gourmet picnic prepared with the all the freshest local ingredients. On some days, we’ll continue for an hour more after lunch to burn off dessert.

    In the afternoon, we go to our hotels, where we take a shower, have a siesta or just relax by the pool! We finish our day with a glass of tinto and a scrumptious dinner of the local gastronomy. We then retire for the night and get ready to do it again the next day. On some evenings, we will make cultural visits to take in the local culture, be it pre-Hispanic cave art or a visit to a coffee plantation or winery!

    What is the terrain like on Camino of Gran Canaria?

    Diverse is the best word to describe it all! Crossing an island formed by volcanos millions of years ago, you will find yourself on sandy patches, volcanic gravel, very rocky sections, fertile soil, forestry trails, and some paved roads, where man has left his mark too. Besides the first and last day, when you will be leaving and entering larger towns, most of the Camino finds you hiking off roads to the top of the crater and then back down.

    What is the change in elevation on the Camino de Gran Canaria Tour?

    We start from sea level and eventually work our way up to 1,700 m (5,600 ft). During the entire walk of 66 km (41 mi), the cumulative elevation gain is a about 2,785 m (9,150 ft) with a cumulative elevation loss of 2,670 m (8,750 ft). For a detailed track of the route, please see the following link: Camino de Santiago GC.

    How many kilometers are walked each day on Camino de Santiago of Gran Canary?

    The amount of km's scheduled for each day varies from 16 km (10 mi) to 7.8 km (4.7 mi). Due to the changes in elevation, all the walks will be accompanied by 2 support vehicles to provide greater assistance and allow options for less (or more!) km's daily.

    How can we sleep in the same hotel for 2 nights if we are walking a linear trail?

    We take advantage of having a minibus with us each day and that gives us the luxury to stay in the same hotel for 2 nights on 3 different occasions. Our walk always starts at the point where we finished the previous day to maintain our continuity along the trail. We believe that the time (and energy) saved not having to pack and unpack everyday makes these shuttles a great convenience for everyone.

    Will I have access to WiFi?

    Yes, all the hotels have excellent Wi-Fi service. Keep in mind, in some of the more remote areas, there may be more limited cell phone access. Finally, remember that one of the greatest joys of the Camino is cultivating the ability to disconnect and enjoy your immediate surroundings!

    Getting There & Back

    How do I get to Camino de Santiago of Gran Canary Tour starting point?

    Maspalomas on the southern coast of Gran Canaria is the official starting point of the Camino de Canarias Tour and can be reached via bus or taxi from the International Airport of Gran Canaria or the Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

    How do I get to Gran Canary?

    The Gran Canaria International Airport of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the 6th largest airport in Spain and has many frequent flights with mainland Spain (round trip via Madrid can be less than 100€) and the rest of Europe. On the neighboring island of Tenerife, you also have 2 other major hubs, from which United Airlines will be having direct service from Newark for the summer of 2022. To reach Gran Canaria from Tenerife, there are frequent flights (30 min) and ferries (1:30h). For more details on these airports, please see Spain’s AENA website.

    Before You Go / Preparing

    What type of boots do I need for Camino de Santiago on Gran Canary?

    Footwear is a very personal question - depending on how active you are and how much support you will need. Since we will be walking daily on this Canary Island Camino, we believe that comfort is key - you do not want to get blisters. The trail can be quite rocky at some points, so a full high boot that covers your ankle is probably a good idea. There may be some mud and water along the trail, so keep that in mind too. Most important: Make sure that they are well broken in.

    Are walking sticks needed for this Camino?

    Due to the elevation gain and loss, we recommend at least 1 to help you with the ups and for working your way downhill. If you have knee concerns, studies show that using 2 walking sticks can reduce the pressure on your knees by 30%.

    What sort of conditioning do I need to undertake the Canary Islands’ Camino de Santiago Tour?

    We encourage you to train and hike up and down hills before to be prepared for your own enjoyment. During your walk, one of the two guides will be on the trail with the group to keep an eye that all is well. Also, we have planned check points along the way with our support van to make sure you have plenty of water, if you need a change of shoes, or just feel like taking a break. In most cases, you will see the van at a minimum every couple of hours.

    How do I purchase travel insurance?

    If you are interested in travel insurance, we like, which allows you to compare various policies across the top Insurance Providers.

Price Per Person:

3,195 EUR

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  • Guided
  • 7 days / 6 nights
  • 65 km
  • Canary Islands

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