Basque in the Light:
A Photography Walk through
the Basque Country

7 days / 6 nights

Lace up and snap to it! We've got plenty of shots to take! Join us on our Special Photography Walk through the fabulous Basque Country and explore Bilbao's ultra modern Guggenheim, the glamour of San Sebastian, century old shepherd footpaths, and the vineyards of the La Rioja wine region!

And you won't have to be a pro, as we'll have our own professional instructors, Mary Ann Glass and Christine Irvin to give you a hand with your shots! Whether you are looking to improve on your lighting, angle, or perspective, they'll be able to bring it all into focus. Their trained eye will give you insights and ideas to create professional photos!

And it doesn't end in the Basque Country! Your photos will be exhibited at the River Winds Gallery in Beacon, New York at our Basque in the Light Photo Event in 2012!

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2,500 EUR is approx. 3,182 USD
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Single Supplement Fee: 300 EUR

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Basque in the Light Tour Itinerary

NOTE: As with all Fresco Tours, there will be multiple options for less walking on a daily basis.

Bilbao to Hondarribia

Sleep: Hondarribia

In the afternoon, we meet the group in the heart of Bilbao and shuttle to the charming fishing village of Hondarribia for our Welcome / Orientation Meeting to talk about the week ahead. After getting settled in, we'll finish our first day with a light stroll from above to admire the views of our neighbor, France. We finish the evening, with a typical gourmet treat at a Basque Cider house. (D)

Hondarribia & San Sebastian

Sleep: San Sebastian / Total Walking: 3 miles

This morning we have time to wander the walled city and fishermen's quarter to capture the essence of this lovely village with our cameras. Afterwards, we hit the trail for a light walk into the port of Pasajes de San Juan decorated with the fishing boats of another time. We continue west to the stylish resort town of San Sebastian, a place that has long been popular with the Spanish bourgeois. Before dinner we meet to share our images and have a stroll along the beautiful Concha beach. (B, L, D)

Northern Camino de Santiago & San Sebastian

Sleep: San Sebastian / Total Walking: 3 miles

After a delicious breakfast, we head out onto the promenade and enjoy the sunrise over the Concha beach. Next we wander into the port and watch as the ships arrive with the catch of the day! Later that afternoon, we meet to share and admire each other's work from our day in San Sebastian. Afterwards, we hop in the van to go for an evening stroll along Coastal footpaths as the sun falls into the sea. We finish the day, with a fine meal in Getaria, whose famous sailing son, Juan Elcano, was the first to sail around the world! (B, D)

La Rioja Wine Region

Sleep: Laguardia

Today we head south into the Rioja Wine region in the Basque Country. These red wines have earned international acclaim and after a visit to a winery and taste of the local elixir, we wander through the walled hilltop village of La Guardia. Here we admire the wonderful 12th century church of Santa Maria, whose magnificent portico is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Our day finishes with some more Rioja wine and a delightful meal to accompany it! (B, L, D)

La Rioja Wine Region - Bilbao

Sleep: Bilbao / Total Walking: 3 miles

We start our day with a stretch of the legs and a stroll around the lagoons that provide irrigation to the surrounding vineyards. These have also become an important rest stop for migratory birds, and we may be so lucky to get a photo of one of them! Afterwards, we work our way back to Bilbao, enjoying the scenery of the wine country. After we have settled into our hotel in Bilbao, we head to the top of the Monte Artxanda for the sunset and a bird's eye view of the city below. (B, L, D)


Sleep: Bilbao

Food is a key aspect of the Basque culture and this morning we wander around the newly remodeled Ribera Market to see the fresh produce of the area. We'll also explore the original 7 streets where the town of Bilbao was born over 700 years ago. No visit to the Casco Viejo would be complete, without a look at the church of Santiago. Later in the evening, we are treated to a guided visit of the Guggenheim Museum by our local art historian. Although, we cannot take pictures inside the museum, it will be interesting to see how we capture the magic of Frank Gehry's masterpiece in the evening sun! (B, L, D)


we are not done yet!

After breakfast, we'll have a chance to share our photos with the group and admire each others work. Afterwards, we sadly depart and say "hasta pronto" as we have finished with our time in the Basque Country, howeverů..we are not done yet!

Within 6 months of tour finish

We take our show on the road

Come celebrate and relive the scenes of the Basque Country! We take our show on the road, with a special exhibit of Basque in the Light at River Winds Gallery in Beacon, New York!

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